REOKORR-BASIC concrete paint

REOKORR-BASIC betonfesték és betonimpregnáló szer

for garages , underground-garages , hobby rooms, warehouses, durable and colour painting the concrete further growing the surface’s proof of ability.
the concrete keeps its original face, it can be made colourless and coloured execution (it can be made non-slip).
Technical claim: for concrete’s surfaces fast painting, growing the surface’s proof of ability.

Technical solution proposal: REOKORR-BASIC is a two components concrete painting application in colourless and coloured execution (in according to REOCOLOR colour catalogue), about 0,3-0,5 kg/m2 quantity, carry out in one or two layer.

ÉMI authorization’s number:      A-15/94.

In case of execution this application professional experience is not claimed !

What kind of surface can the REOKORR-BASIC be appiled on?
Essentially for concrete, you can reach more details. In case of non-absorbant foundation (for example: vacuum concrete, other type resins…) we recommend use the REOKORR T adhesive primer. REOKORR T primer direction for use(can be reached only hungarian language): REOKORRtapadoAlapozoHasznuta.pdf (reading if you have Acrobat Reader).

Chemical proof ability:
In case of chemical load: we recommend the glass-reinforced REOKORR-HARD cover surface application.

Chemical proof:

  • it resists to water, salt-solution, domestic and industry detergents , weak acid , fluid fuel, petrol, engine oil.
  • it doesn't resist to acetone, benzole, dichlorine-methane and some special organic solvent.

Mechanical properties:
    Test methods:
Adhesio to the concrete min. 1,5 DIN 53455
Wear resistance, dry 3,6 mg Taber-Abraser
REOKORR BASIC "A" component   5 kg metal can
REOCOLOR colourant   0,6 l plastic flacon
REOKORR "B" component   0,5 l plastic flacon

Downloadable price list includes the REOKORR-BASIC(can be reached only romanian language): REOfuzet061220arelemzesekRO.pdf (you can see it with Acrobat Reader).

Inexperienced executors don’t start the work before read with attention the using instructions for REOKORR-BASIC that you can read on the metal can also!

Downloadable direction for use of REOKORR-BASIC:REOKORR-BASICdirectForUse0903EN.pdf (you can see it with Acrobat Reader).