REOKORR-NORMAL Aesthetic Concrete Dust Eliminating and Industrial Flooring System

REOKORR-NORMAL padló bevonat

Application fields:
Its application is suggested for low and medium mechanical requirements.
Apply it in 1-2 mm thickness, coating for floors of warehouses, industrial sites, shops, halls etc.,
for dust elimination of the concrete floor of family houses (garage, cellar, hobby room..)
The thin layer follows the texture of the concrete. Can be cleaned easily, highly resistant.
It can be ordered in eight colors.(See details in the
REOCOLOR color range)
ÉMI competence report number: A-15/94, we dispose of the CE certificate also.
Kivitelezési technológia kivonat.

In case of execution this application professional experience is not claimed !

What kind of surface can the REOKORR-NORMAL be appiled on??
Essentially for concrete, you can reach more details. In case of non-absorbant foundation (for example: vacuum concrete, other type resins…) we recommend use the REOKORR T adhesive primer. REOKORR T primer direction for use(can be reached only hungarian language): REOKORRtapadoAlapozoHasznuta.pdf (reading if you have Acrobat Reader).

Chemical resistance:
In case of high chemical industrial bearing force, we suggest  glass-reinforced REOKORR-HARD cover .

See more in the chemical resistance guide.

Mechanical properties:
    Test Method
Compression strength 100 N/mm2 DIN 53454
Flexural strength 40 N/mm2 DIN 53454
Tensile strength 20 N/mm2 DIN 53454
Adhesion to concrete >1,5 N/mm2 DIN 53455
Abrasion resistance, dry 3,65 mg Taber-Abraser
IZOD Impact strength 5 kJ/m2 ISO 179
REOKORR primer   14,5 kg in stainless metal can
REOKORR top-coat   30,0 kg in stainless metal can
REOCOLOR coloring agent   0,6 l in plastic box
REOKORR "B" component   0,5 dm3 in squeeze bottle


Quantities to apply:

    Priming: about 0,15-0,5 kg/m2.

  2. Colored top-coat:
    - dust elimination: about 0,8-1,3 kg/m2 (only one layer),
    - floor making: about 1,3 - 2,5 kg/m2 (one, or two layer).

The applied quantity depend on the:
- roughness of the base surface,
- aesthetic (smoothness) requirement,
- the process temperature also..

-Downloadable price list includes the REOKORR-NORMAL(can be reached only romanian language): REOfuzet061220arelemzesekRO.pdf (you can see it with Acrobat Reader).

No professionals don't start the work unless study of the "REOKORR-NORMAL Direction for Use" carefully, should be given by the salesman or order trough the internet!

- Downloadable direction for use of REOKORR-NORMAL: REOKORR-NORMALdirectForUse0903EN.pdf (you can see it with Acrobat Reader).