REOKORR-epoxy system concrete-floor cover

REOKORR-NORMAL padló bevonat

It is the cast resin floor cover's great classic -it has been used for 4 decade by the industry-epoxi basic cover system. The REOKORR-epoxy IHS-2GT primer, that over the grounworking can be available for mortar material adhesive furthermore can be used paintcover’s make either in itself or coloured by the REOCOLOR colour catalogue. It is a free solvent product so beside operable workplaces-without those disturb also can be applied.

Appearance and properties:
Small shrinkage, high light, varied colours and surface appearance for example: chips dispersion above 1 mm layertichkness extends itself so with simply carry up you can reach nice surface appearance..
It can be ordered in eight colour.

European applicability: in conformity with CE certificate.


What kind of surface can the REOKORR-epoxy be appiled on??
Essentially for concrete, you can reach more details. In case of non-absorbant foundation (for example: vacuum concrete, other type resins…) we recommend use the REOKORR T adhesive primer. REOKORR T primer direction for use(can be reached only hungarian language): REOKORRtapadoAlapozoHasznuta.pdf (reading if you have Acrobat Reader).

Chemical proof ability:
In case of high chemical industrial bearing force, we suggest  glass-reinforced REOKORR-HARD cover .

See more in the chemical resistance guide.

Mechanical properties:
    Test Method
Compression strength 80 N/mm2 DIN 53454
Flexural strength 40 N/mm2 DIN 53454
Tensile strength 45 N/mm2 DIN 53454
Adhesion to concrete >1,5 N/mm2 DIN 53455
Hardness 76-80 Shore D
IZOD Impact strength 15 kJ/m2 ISO 179
Mixing rate: (part of weight)
REOKORRepoxy IHS-2GT primer A komponent 3
REOKORR epoxy IHS-2GT primer B komponent 1
REOKORR epoxy BB-4 top-coat A komponent 4
REOKORR epoxy BB-4 top-coat B komponent 1

Quantities to apply:

    Priming: about 0,15-0,5 kg/m2.

  2. Colored top-coat:
    - dust elimination: about 0,6-1,4 kg/m2 (only one layer),
    - floor making: about: 1,4 - 2,5 kg/m2 (one, or two layer).

The applied quantity depend on the:
- roughness of the base surface,
- aesthetic (smoothness) requirement,
- the process temperature also..

-Downloadable price list includes the REOKORR-epoxy (can be reached only romanian language): REOfuzet061220arelemzesekRO.pdf (you can see it with Acrobat Reader).

Unprofessional executors don’t start the work before read with attention the using instructions for REOKORR-epoxy cover that saler ’s duty to hand over you!