REOKORRlux high aesthetic performance 

Application fields:
High aesthetical demanding buildings, as public buildings, banks, supermarkets, stores, cultural buildings and other commercial places.
Mechanical demands:

High strength, jointless, suggested for high aesthetic requirements,
made in glass-reinforced REOKORR-HARDlux also. Apply it in 2-5 mm thickness.

Appearance: granite looking, in various color combinations, in slightly rough design.

What kind of surface can the REOKORR-NORMAL be appiled on??
Essentially for concrete, you can reach more details. In case of non-absorbant foundation (for example: vacuum concrete, other type resins…) we recommend use the REOKORR T adhesive primer. REOKORR T primer direction for use(can be reached only hungarian language): REOKORRtapadoAlapozoHasznuta.pdf (reading if you have Acrobat Reader).

Chemical resistance:
Resistant in: water, 10% sodium chloride, 10% hydrochloric acid,10% sulphuric acid, ethyl-alcohol, gasoline, diesel oil and customary detergents. No suggested in acetone, methylen-chloride, alkaline media, strong mineral acids, organic acids.


Mechanical properties:
        Test Method
Compression strength   85 N/mm2   DIN 53454
Flexural strength   10 N/mm2   DIN 53454
Tensile strength   27 N/mm2   DIN 53454
Adhesion to concrete   >1,5 N/mm2   DIN 53454
Abrasion resistance, dry   Brinell HB/5/50/60 200   MSZ 1421-68
IZOD Impact strength   -   ISO 179

The texture of REOKORRlux in eight different color variation



No professionals don't start the work unless study of the "REOKORRlux Direction for Use" carefully, should be given by the salesman or order trough the internet!