REOKORR-SUPERHARD polymer concrete


REOKORR-SUPERHARD polymer concrete:

Application: in 10-15 mm thickness of a layer , extremely wear resistant industrial resin floor coating , in case of significant high mechanical loading , according to claim with coloured REOKORR top-coat. It can be ordered in eight colours (more details you can see in REOCOLOR color range ). In case of roughly smoothed concrete bolster for the sake of relative large layer thickness you can apply well . (equalization and floor coating in one layer ). Durable technical solution for
Heavy-machine operator workshops , glass industries, press !


Mechanical properties:
    Test Method
Compression strength 85 N/mm2 MSZ 16000/2-74
Flexural strength 10 N/mm2 MSZ 16000/2-74
Tensile strength 27 N/mm2 MSZ 16000/2-74
Adhesion to concrete >1,5 N/mm2 ÉMISZ 244
Abrasion resistance, dry 200 MSZ 1421-68
IZOD Impact strength - ISO 179

The REOKORR-SUPERHARD resin mortar capable for preparing concret floor, thicking and the else REOKORR system's groundwork post equalization . The REOKORR-SUPERHARD resin mortal separate concrete repairer, if you used as a stick you would apply the prepared groud with the REOKORR-primer at first.Aplication

What kind of surface can the REOKORR-SUPERHARD be appiled on??
Essentially for concrete, you can reach more details. In case of non-absorbant foundation (for example: vacuum concrete, other type resins…) we recommend use the REOKORR T adhesive primer. REOKORR T primer direction for use(can be reached only hungarian language): REOKORRtapadoAlapozoHasznuta.pdf (reading if you have Acrobat Reader).

Chemical resistance


-Downloadable price list includes the REOKORR-NORMAL(can be reached only romanian language): REOfuzet061220arelemzesekRO.pdf (you can see it with Acrobat Reader).

No professionals don't start the work unless study of the "REOKORR-NORMAL Direction for Use" carefully, should be given by the salesman or order trough the internet!