REOKORR-SPORT system playing-field covers

REOKORR-NORMAL padló bevonat

Application fields :
It is a poliuretan base flooring system's cover for gyms, trainers halls, sports institutions, durable , indoor large flexible. It is combined with gumcarpet , in more coat applies , it is provided with different coatlayer in applying on the basis of REOCOLOR color range in according to claim it can be made in non-slipping , in high wear resistance also.

Appearance and parameters:
The optimal hardness , flexible , extra toughness REOKORR-SPORT floor covers can be made in more carry out , on the basis of technical claim and the incoming cost. Apropos of this cover ’s high thougness prominently its violabe is low and its preparing and cleaning is excellent. From its feature this cover is spare of joints and the risik of damages are reduced.

European applicability: in conformity with CE certificate.


What kind of surface can it be applied on ?
It needs a beneath water and steam isolation of concrete –more details here -, or only high point of softening asphalt If you need the berear concrete roughs prepare with a well adhesive concrete-corrective system. You should the building dilatation as same way as on the cover.

Chemical resistance:
  • it resists to water, salt-solution, domestic and industry detergents , weak acid , fluid fuel, petrol, engine oil.
  • it doesn't resist to acetone, benzole, dichlorine-methane and some special organic solvent.
Layer order and applying quantity:
Beat alleviation carpet sticking 1-1,2 kg/m2 1-1,2 kg/m2
Flexible beat alleviation carpet 12-18 mm 8 mm
Pores closing 0,8-1,0 kg/m2 0,8-1,0 kg/m2
PUR bearer layer "work layer" 2,7-3,2 kg/m2 1,5-1,7 kg/m2
Non-slipping layer (leaveable) 0,4-0,5 kg/m2 0,4-0,5 kg/m2
Raised wear resistant layer 0,2-0,3 kg/m2 0,2-0,3 kg/m2

Mixing rate: (part of weight)
pore sealer
floor worklayer
orange-peeled layer
"A" komponens
100 part
100 part
100 part
"B" komponens
23 part
23 part
29 part
"C" komponens
2-2,9 part
1,5-1,7 part


No professionals don't start the work unless study of the "REOKORR-SPORT Direction for Use" carefully, should be given by the salesman!